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a moment in time

There are six ways how to have a walk in the city.

The first one
Your frown is directed down on the street. So you perfectly know the pavement structure and colors, asphalt and the pits, you know the best cover wells and the latest fashion shoes, you know the legs and you have a great probability to find lost things.

Second one
If your frown is directed on your eye level, then you see other people faces, you see the shop windows and their design, you see the posters around and lots of advertisements. Do not forget to smile and look into the passers eyes.

Third one
You are looking just a bit above the heads of the people. In this case you see the landscape of the mass of people. Your frown is concentrated afar, so there is high possibility that you will pass your friend without noticing him or her.

Fourth one
You can have a walk on the roof level in the city. You know quite well the architecture of the city, you know the roof ridges, windows, roof wind indicators and probably some...

Skrivet av ptrik, 2010-05-09

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how can it comes that there is a start before the end
and end before the start
probably start before the start
or end before the end
even end after the end
some people say
that there should be a new
start after the end
start before the start

really confused
today there is a small end and simultaneously a big start in my life

keep on going and stay on track

Skrivet av ptrik, 2010-04-22

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the world is out there
we don't have to fear

we can perceive it
we can deny it
we can create a map of it

we can err in our perception
we can err in our map of creation
don't forget about imagination

the world is out there
we don't have to fear

Skrivet av ptrik, 2010-04-18

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When I'll get older,
I will be stronger!

Skrivet av ptrik, 2010-04-12

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Did you know that everything happens out of nothing?!

I love to invent things out of nothing.

Nothing is source of everything!

Thats why -> http://www.worldofteaching.com/powerpoints/other/lesson%20on%20nothing.ppt

Skrivet av ptrik, 2010-04-12

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Some people are just like a high quality perfume.
It is enough in small doses.

Skrivet av ptrik, 2010-04-09

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Free falling, just vice versa.

Up, yes indeed, up!

Skrivet av ptrik, 2010-04-07

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SO blind, my blue eyes sometimes are blind.

Skrivet av ptrik, 2010-04-06

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