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moments to share, moments to care

it's nice to know there are so many wonderful events in front of me, helping me get through the dark and depressing autumn/winter time. i have a feeling it's gonna be a great winter. i have a feeling that in some way, it already is.

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-11-15

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oh, don't you just love it to have a naughty thing on your mind?

santa, i've been a good girl this year ;)

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-11-11

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i'm a socially awkward person. i'll probably die alone.

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-10-19

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i know it ain't new years, but i still need this, because office job drives me nuts.

i promise myself not to live in the imaginary world of internet.
there is a real life out there.

too bad 9 hours a day i am still locked in the internet.

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-10-17

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worn out. planing to spend sunday without leaving the bed.

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-10-07

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i hate that talking to specific people emphasize all my flaws. and in this demotivating way that makes me feel like i'm damaged good already and there is nothing to do to fix it.

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-10-06

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started feeling like bridget jones, so decided to stop giving an insight. anyhow, this helpd me understand that i am way more social than i thougth, it is just that sometimes unfortunately i have more quantity than quality, which is the sad part. other than that - things are looking up. no reason to freak out.

thanks for everyone who wasn't bored to death.

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-10-05

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sometimes i seem better at pissing off people rather than making them happy. this saddens me when its about ppl that i really care about and who get pissed at me for silly reasons. example - my dad hung up on me, because we prefer different political parties. first time in 3 years when he hangs up on me. he even accepted when i told him i'm no longer christian and believe me, i thought he was gonna never wanna see me again.

anyhow, to sum up: i should really stop drinking.
october 1st went like this:

problem solving - zero. well i got my drivers license permit :) so this city has become oe careless driver student richer :)

treating myself - drinking with an old school buddy and watching twilight. beer and pringles on the menu :)

exercise - 1st day in weeks back in gym! unfortunately since the gym was selling out memberships for half price, fridays in gym are no longer for max 5 people who have no lives and are working out. i was disappointed to see the gym being full of noobs....

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-10-02

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