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moments to share, moments to care

one year anniversary. without a single break up, walk-out, separation, moving out or "taking distance apart". none of that. amazing.

this guy seems to be a keeper.

Skrivet av arlona, 2013-03-04

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masochism basically means that i let another person shit on me, because deeply inside i believe that in this way he is correcting (or at least pointing out) what's wrong with me.

jeez, i really believe that. i love to be proven wrong, be corrected and have my flaws pointed out.
problem is, most ppl fear or don't feel like doing it, since i make an aggressive impression.

i can smell fear and bark accordingly though.

sick sick mind it is.

Skrivet av arlona, 2013-02-14

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"sometimes when i talk to you, it feels like you're actually older then me"


Skrivet av arlona, 2013-02-03

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last weeks and events have been amazing. i'm very much blessed with ppl around me. i really have everything a person can wish for.

Skrivet av arlona, 2013-01-30

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i have always been aware of the urge to stay in control. of everything. mainly it is because i had to take care of myself quite early in life, plus the aspect that no one will ever fight for your well being (though, the love from my friends has proven to be immense).

it turns out, not only need i stay in control, i'm a control freak! i have a feeling that as soon as i will let go of the control, i will lose everything. i will lose my job, if i actually listen to doctors and take of 3 (!!!) months of work because of a half paralyzed face. could use this time to write my thesis, take care of my body (no gym, ofc), and cook for my bf. but no, for some reason i'm having a panic attack because i can't do accounting!

i have a feeling my boss will see me as replaceable and.. well.. fire me.
i have a feeling my boyfriend might see me as replaceable and well.. replace me.

everyone can be replaced, can't they?

i wish i could just let go of the control. cuz whether you get replaced or not, being in...

Skrivet av arlona, 2013-01-14

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the good thing about being in hospital (aside from the fact that your friends bring you candy and journals to keep you entertained) is being reminded that your body is your only tool and it's pretty darn important to take care of it. not dieting and hating it. but keeping it in shape, loving it, letting it rest, giving it challenges, and just treating it well. it really pays off. yes, that does not guarantee a health forever. there are always accidents, genetic diseases, everything can happen. but at least you can eliminate the factors you are responsible for.

generally i am aware that smth must be changed. i've given up meat since new year (unless it comes from a certified local farmer), but what concerns the rest, i just really need that kick in the arse, visualize the goal and the reasons, why should i give up the comfort for a bit harder work and some changes. yes, i used to be obsessed with healthy things, but work, master's in the evenings, stress, alcohol took it's toll and has made me want to...

Skrivet av arlona, 2013-01-12

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any woman who chooses disfigurement, chooses to be a victim.

Skrivet av arlona, 2013-01-09

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how can a person change when the ppl around him don't accept this?

the more i think about my past behavior, the more i understand how ppl saw me. i hope that the thought i have now is not about being liked by others for no reason. rather how much damage have i caused for no reason.

one thing is clear, because of the background, the tendency to perceive every action as a potential threat is doubtless. this has resulted in a compulsive need to protect myself, to draw boundries, to be clear about what is not ok.

i have been lucky to have dated some of the nicest guys i know. i would even call them The Guys, because those are the guys every girl would wanna end up with - handsome, sweet, caring, trustworthy, good sense of humor, tender, polite. but instead of seeing this as a chance to get to know an awesome person, i've been trying to protect myself from getting hurt, thus hurting everyone around me. so idiotic, so unable to see the big picture!
i see now others treating these guys well and i wonder...

Skrivet av arlona, 2013-01-07

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