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resolution 2015/2016

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i must admit, i don't think i have ever filled up any resolution as i did the last one

i quit my job. enjoyed the summer. and am writing this entry from peru. not bad. not bad at all. in fact, this year has been the most difficult and challenging in my life. never before have i had so many obstacles to overcome emotionally. but thankfully, the sun, the food, the music the people and the great changes foremost have put me back on my track and beyond.

new challenges? bring it on! let's take into account that in 2016 i will turn 30.

so the next years challenges are as follows:

1. finish the novel (tbh i'm already seeing failure here, i'm putting it off already and making excuses)
2. buy a motorbike
3. move back into my apartment and make it epic
4. get the best body of my life (or keep the existing, it's pretty epic already)
5. rock my job
6. start saving up for a new property. yes, yes, i know, i know. dream those little dreams. but well, i love greece

i've been doing nothing but fulfilling my dreams. travelling. translating. writing. resting. enjoying life. sports, sports, sports. writing. and getting a new job that will give me the security and stability i have been looking for.

everything falls into the right place.
simply perfect.

Skrivet av arlona, 2015-12-17 00:48


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