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moments to share, moments to care

toy house

i own a nice box, where i put my old toys.

nice, funny, weird and for the time being, interesting creatures that i enjoyed to play with at some time. things that i imagine to be alive but time opens my eyes and i realize they're just toys.

little girls grow up, either losing interest or braking the toys eventually.
or they just have disappointed the girl's imagination.

my toys? he, one that i would't call a toy, really. not anymore. maybe because for a long tong time haven't felt like playing with it anymore. it's ripped off arm and leg makes me feel more sorry for it rather than make me wanna play with it.

the other one, newest in my collection, became mine accidentally. not a bad accident, huh?
i grew fond of it, but there was a problem at the beginning. the doll had an age limitation. you know like the sigh "not for kids under the age of 3"? somewhat like that. but its ok. i reached up to the level.

another one, oh, is the oldest one i own (i guess you never forget your first one, right?),
ahh, i still take a look at it sometimes. i miss playing with it so badly.
friends tell me not to. friends tell me to let it go already.

they tell me to grow up.
they tell me the doll time has passed.

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-04-30 10:22


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