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Jag hånar dig med mina apbyxor.

I kind of love Twitter -- like I really needed more ways to waste time on the internet.

The HubbleSite posted by @NASA -- vote for what you think the Hubble Space Telescope should look at next. (It's a seriously difficult choice. There is no "all of the above" answer.)

The 'Discreet Companion' Ladies' Raygun posted by @theskypirate -- I just love the steampunk aesthetic. You can kind of see how it's put together, though it doesn't look like there's an actual trigger mechanism.

Bkkeepr lets you track the books you are reading via Twitter using direct messages.

Twitter Peeves -- Yeah, that machine-gun posting thing really sucks. As does the I-deserve-more-than-140-characters string of posts.

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-14

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Jag tycker om regnan
när jag är inomhus.
Jag tycker om snön
när den fallar mjuk
och vit
och lägger sig över allting.

Jag tycker om brev
från avlägsna
men breven kommer inte nog ofta.
(Jag skriver dem inte nog ofta, heller.)

Jag tycker om morgonen
när världen är mörk
och alla sover
och det är tyst och stilla
och det tycker jag om.

December 17, 2008; en dikt jag skrev för klassen på temat "jag tycker om"


I like the rain
when I am in the house.
I like the snow
when it falls soft
and white
and blankets all things.

I like letters
from far away
but the letters don't come often enough.
(I don't write them often enough either.)

I like the morning
when the world is dark
and everyone is asleep
and it is quiet and still
and that I like.

att tycka to be of the opinion
(verb) tycker, tyckte, tyckt, tyck!

om of, about

att tycka om expression meaning to like, to enjoy
(verb) _tycker om, tyckte om, tyckt om, tyck...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-13

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Klick för streama bilder om björnarna: Följ björnarna i idet på Lycksele djurpark

Texten på engelska:

The female Athena was born January 1st, 1997 at Orsa bear park. She went into hibernation at the end of October. On the 8th of January, she gave birth to her fifth litter of young in the bear cave. Because the animal keepers donät want to disturb the bears in their cave, they won't know how many there are until spring. But they believe that there are at least two young.

The father of the litter is named Gimli and is originally from Finland and is also at the zoo. His mother was run over by a train and he was thus alone when he came from Finland.

djurskötarna animal keepers
kull litter
idet bear cave, bear pit
det rör sig in any case
ursprungligen originally
överkörd run over
således thus
hämtades came

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-01-22

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They say it's "not only about teaching and learning: it's fun and entertainment for the whole family!"

And it's only $24.95 (plus $12.00 shipping, worldwide). I'm sold.

(Link from Telcontar .)

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-01-21

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In honor of Inauguration Day, Krispy Kreme, donut manufacturer of Democracy, issued a press release saying:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (NYSE: KKD) is honoring America's sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, Jan. 20. By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an oath to tasty goodies -- just another reminder of how oh-so-sweet 'free' can be.

This display of crass capitalism (Krispy Kreme donuts, for the uninitiated, are like two hundred calorie puffs of air; nobody eats just one) and corporate opportunism was met by unmitigated scorn from the loonies at the American Life League who immediately issued their own press release condemning Krispy Kreme.

Not for using an important, historical day for America to peddle a waistline-expanding, diabetes-inducing, coronary-clogging product that has a deleterious effect on the health, and ergo...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-01-21

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Are a type of English candy, similar to gummi bears. Tom Baker's Doctor was fond of them. (Thanks, Ghiraddje, for the clarification.)

You can all stop IMing me and asking now.

Jelly Babies on Wikipedia

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-01-07

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(04:34:52 PM) Ghiraddje : What would be the best surprise you could ever have?
(04:35:15 PM) Me: That's a hard one.
(04:35:32 PM) Me: does it have to be possible?
(04:35:58 PM) Ghiraddje: Within the laws of physics?
(04:36:01 PM) Me: Yeah
(04:36:16 PM) Me: Or just the best surprise I could ever concieve of having?
(04:36:18 PM) Ghiraddje: Well, I'm curious what sort of surprise you have in mind that would defy physics
(04:36:36 PM) Me: It would be awesome if somebody gave me a time travel machine.
(04:36:46 PM) Me: Or a faster than light spaceship.
(04:37:35 PM) Me: or a faster-than-light time traveling spaceship.
(04:38:08 PM) Ghiraddje: Ah, right, so you'd want to wake up one morning and wonder why there's a long, multi-coloured scarf and floppy brown hat hanging up in the hallway
(04:38:29 PM) Ghiraddje: Would you like a jelly baby?
(04:38:37 PM) Me: what is a jelly baby?
(04:38:44 PM) Me: and can it travel in time?
*(04:38:48 PM)...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-01-04

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Thanks to Telcontar for sending me this. I laughed my ass off.

Hitler: wtf america hax, u had depression and now u got huge fockin army thats bullsh1t u hacker!

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-01-02

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