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Jag hånar dig med mina apbyxor.

Ctrl-a c Create a window
Ctrl-a A Name a window
Ctrl-a :number (0-9) Number a window

Ctrl-a n Next window
Ctrl-a p Previous window
Ctrl-a (0-9) Switch to window by number
Ctrl-a Ctrl-a Toggle between most recent windows

Ctrl-a " Window menu
Ctrl-a w Window list

Ctrl-a [ Copy mode
Ctrl-a ] Paste

Ctrl-a d Detach the screen
$ screen -r Reattach the screen

Working with nested screen sessions

  • Top level responds to Ctrl-a etc.
  • Next level responds to Ctrl-a a etc.
  • Third level responds to Ctrl-a a a etc.
  • And so on.

SSH to terminal on non-256 system

  • Using 256 colors and connecting to a host where it creates errors, use: $ TERM=screen ssh user@example.com
Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-28

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From the Ubuntu forums (hopefully I'm smart enough to remember I copied it here, and save myself some googling, if I need to install the printer again):

$ sudo apt-get install remove foo2zjs

(You can skip this if you've previously installed build-essential.)
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential

$ wget -O foo2zjs.tar.gz http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/foo2zjs.tar.gz
$ tar zxf foo2zjs.tar.gz
$ cd foo2zjs
$ sudo make uninstall
$ make
$ ./getweb 1018
$ sudo make install install-hotplug cups

At this point, I needed to reboot. You can probably get away with just starting or restarting a service, but I'm not sure what, and it was faster to reboot than figure it out.

$ sudo system-config-printer

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-28

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I set up my xterm with fonts I can read without a microscope. Now I'm running Alpine and irssi in screen. I've been meaning to do that for a while, with the idea that I could keep them running and just ssh from the laptop when I wanted email or IRC. Probably not as necessary, since whatever replaces the dead laptop should have more than 256 MB RAM.

Added Twitter support to irssi, via Twirssi. It's a little confusing, but I think I've got it beat.

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-27

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I woke up this morning and took a shower and made some coffee and fished the Thinkpad out from underneath the bed. It was on, not suspended, because I was lazy about setting up the power management stuff, and at some point during the night, the cord had been pulled out. Probably due to New Cat, but we'll never know for sure. It was off, the battery was completely dead.

I took it out to the kitchen, plugged it in, and powered it up while I got my coffee and fed the cats. When I came back to the table, it had hung loading the Xserver. So I did what all former Windows users do, and power cycled. I always have a ghost of worry power cycling Linux like that. Back when I started out, with Mandrake 8.0, that kind of thing was a last resort and required a good fscking before it would come up again. But it's been years since a machine has complained to me about it, so I've developed wanton power cycling habits.

Coming back up, it didn't make it even as far as attempting to start X. The poor little thing stopped...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-26

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There's a really excellent essay on Why We Immunize on the Making Light blog. Not to cloud the issue, but this is a prime example of why strong science curriculums in schools are so important. Reading some of the links from Jim Macdonald's article, it becomes very apparent that there are a lot of people out there without a basic grasp of biology. I really hope the Mommy Bloggers out there pick up on Macdonald's post and start circulating it. It's important, dammit.

NASA is really running with this internet voting thing . First it was voting for what the Hubble looks at next and now, voting on the name for the newest ISS module. I think Serenity is probably going to win, thanks to Firefly. It also has more in common with Unity and Harmony than Earthrise, Legacy, and Venture . It's way out ahead right...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-21

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Live audio broadcast on SR.se and additional updates in Swedish and English.

Translation of live coverage to English via Twitter: @sofia @matti_kolu

All posts on Twitter tagged #spectrial

Rick Falkvinge of Piratpartiet is blogging a Swedish transcript of the trial. (Or read the Google translation.)

Summaries of the proceedings from DN.se Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 "Day...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-19

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Last night, before we went to sleep, we were talking about particle physics and quantum entanglement. I'm not a physicist, nor do I play one on TV. This morning I was drinking my coffee (current favorite: Lofbergs Lila Skånerost) and googling the subject, while Maswan was in the shower.

I was very excited to discover that apparently you can convert photons into plasmons and then back again without destroying the entanglement and went running to the bathroom with the laptop so I could read to him:

"Altewischer and coworkers in Leiden University in the Netherlands showed that entanglement between pairs of photons can survive even when one (or both) of the entangled photons is converted into a surface `plasmon` and then back again into a photon.

"Surface plasmons are oscillating electromagnetic fields strongly localized at the surface of a metal and associated with the collective motion of a large number of electrons. Surface...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-19

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I just read Diana's post on the goth name generator and it made me wish I could bookmark Bloggis posts so I can find them again. Maybe a link or button down by the timestamp or comment link to "favorite" the post, and the ability to access/edit the list via user profile. (Maybe an option to show favorite posts in the sidebar would be cool, too.)

Yeah, I know, I can just use Delicious or something. But it would be a cool function to have built in.


Cat's goth name is "Slut For Suicide" and her biker name is "Suicide Psycho."

Cray's goth name is "Malicious Intent" and his biker name is "Speed Demon." Both are strangely appropriate. Though right now, "Sleep Demon" would be more apt.

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-02-15

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