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Jag hånar dig med mina apbyxor.

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2008-01-26

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I just couldn't resist an update (using my own brilliant headline, of course).

Project Chanology is organizing IRL protests in Sweden (among other places) at Scientology outposts. It looks like advance scouts have already been out in Göteborg. Can't believe I missed this the first time through.

And I had to include this bit of artwork:

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2008-01-25

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This has the potential to be the greatest internet drama to date. If Anonymous doesn't succumb to its well-documented ADD and get distracted by furry desu. Anonymous has declared war on Scientology. It's official. There is even a press release. It could be even more epic than when Anonymous declared war on Hal Turner.

Why, exactly, has this group1 of 'hackers' proclaimed war on the followers of Xenu?

In the words of whoever wrote the press release:
"This announcement came as a response...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2008-01-25

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2008-01-21

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It's not the blood that grosses me out. It's the syringe and the needle. Especially the needle.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate needles?

I hate needles.

So my first response, looking at the Blood Pen, is "Ewwww!"

Followed shortly by "I hope they use an additive to keep the blood from clotting. That would impair the writing function." Then I started wondering how anti-coagulants impact the quality of blood-as-ink.

If you watch the video you can see that the ink flow mechanism still needs some work.

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2008-01-20

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From the Bears project information page: "Bears, is a series of portraits of the most unusual sort: ordinary teddy bears that have been turned inside out and restuffed."

See the Bears

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2008-01-20

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The number of people who have died in a blogging accident is now skyrocketing, thanks to XKCD

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2008-01-13

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This is the first magpie that hasn't vanished the instant I aimed a camera at it. Instead, he tried to walk stealthily away. Once he realized that wasn't working and I was still pointing the camera at him he flew off, but not before I got a few pictures.

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2007-10-07

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