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Jag hånar dig med mina apbyxor.

#twirssi #notetoself

I find typing some of the twirssi commands a bit long. It is not a problem with twirssi, it is a function of my own laziness. So I set tweet_window_input = "on"; in ~/.irssi/config and made up some aliases for the commands I use frequently. (Just added them to the aliases section in config.)

#Twirssi aliases
FOLLOW = "twitter_follow"; #/twitter_follow username - Start following username
FOLLOWALL = "twitter_add_follow_extra"; #/twitter_add_follow_extra username - Show all the posts by username, even for people who you do not follow
UNFOLLOWALL = "twitter_del_follow_extra"; #/twitter_del_follow_extra username - Stop showing all the posts by username
UNFOLLOW = "twitter_unfollow"; #/twitter_unfollow username - Stop following username
SUB = "twitter_subscribe"; #/twitter_subscribe keyword - Add a search subscription for the current account.
@UNSUB = "twitter_unsubscribe"; #/twitter_unsubscribe keyword - Remove an existing search subscription from...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2010-07-11

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#xterm #linux #notetoself

Added to ~/.Xdefaults:
xterm*saveLines: 2000

Also, for some reason (Ubuntu Lucid, Asus Eee), plain old page up does not scroll up. I gotta do it Sun-style, with shift+page up.

I say so that the next time I get pissed off because I can't scroll up, I will know that I have already solved this problem.

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2010-07-10

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Kind of awesome. Watching the analysis now.

Also, now we know how to stream NasaTV to the TV via the media server.

  1. wget the .asx from the NasaTV page (in the right-hand sidebar under Other Viewing Options, it's the one labeled "Windows Media (Best for Full Screen)")
  1. open it up and find the Yahoo url; in this case: http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1369080&segment=149773
  1. run mplayer -playlist 'http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1369080&segment=149773'
Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-10-09

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Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that the U.S. finally has a President that isn't the antithesis of peace. (Archnemesis of peace? The anti-peace?) He's a rock star, and the whole freakin' world heaved a collective sigh of relief when he took office.

But I'm just not sure what Obama has done to merit the honor. Is just not being Bush enough? He's made some inroads, he's got some plans, but when I think of the Nobel Peace Prize, I feel like there should be more actual accomplishment behind it.

On the other hand, I can't entirely disagree with the Nobel Committee. As they said, "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." (Emphasis mine.) Hope is important, and so is trying, even if it comes to nothing in the end. Maybe it's optimism on their part, that by supporting the idea, they can help bring it to fruition. But then, that's kind of Obama's thing. Which might be their point.

"The Nobel Peace Prize...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-10-09

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Because I really really want to be like Mighty God King even though deep down I know I'll never be as funny or awesome. And The Conservative Bible Project can use my free-market loaves and fishes parable for only $400 + royalties.


John 6 "Feeding the Five Thousand" (with apologies to King James)

1 Afterward Jesus crossed Lake Galilee.

2 A bunch of men followed Him because they saw He was running a private medical practice and hoped that He would cure them before they died waiting in line to see a doctor under the Liberal Roman-run Socialist healthcare system.

3 Jesus went up a mountain and sat there with His volunteers.

4 It was Passover, a holiday celebrating the escape of the Jews from the slavery of the Welfare State of Egypt.

5 Jesus saw all the men following Him,...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-10-08

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To change the host name, launch your favorite text editor like so:

$ sudo gedit

Open /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts and replace instances of the current hostname with the new one. Save the files and restart the computer.

A post in the Ubuntu forums indicated that if you don't change both files from the same instance of sudo that you won't be able to sudo to change the second file. I don't know if that's still a problem, since I launched the editor using sudo and opened both files from within it.

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Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-03-27

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Jag har nationellt prov för SFI nästa vecka, så jag studerar mycket just nu. En del av proven har många frågor grundade i rubriker från tidningarna så jag studerar med läsar Vasterbottens folkblad och skriver sammanfattningar av artiklar. (Var snall och skriver en kommentar om ser du en misstag i min svenska; det är mycket hjälpsam för mig.)

450 sökander till tre tjänster på Tullverket

Umeås Tullverket har varit dränka av ansökar för tre nyligen utannonserade platser. Umeås tullinformätor Harry Brorsson anser att färsk och överhängande arbetslöshet är anledningen för antalet av ansökan, med många människor drog till säkerheten av en tjänst med staten.


And the same in English:

I have the final exam for SFI next week, so I'm studying a lot right now. One of the sections on the test has many questions based on headlines from newspapers so I'm studying by reading "Vasterbottens...

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-03-12

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Esc-a actions menu
F10 window menu
F11 widget context menu

Esc-n next window
Esc-p previous window
Esc-N (1-9) go directly to windows 1-9
Esc-c close a window

Ctrl-C quit Finch

Note: In some installs, it may be the alt, meta, or edit key, instead of escape.

More on Finch.

Tagged: Linux, Note to Self, Ubuntu

Skrivet av alphanum3r1c, 2009-03-05

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