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What I'm Looking at Today

Taggar: links twitter

I kind of love Twitter -- like I really needed more ways to waste time on the internet.

The HubbleSite posted by @NASA -- vote for what you think the Hubble Space Telescope should look at next. (It's a seriously difficult choice. There is no "all of the above" answer.)

The 'Discreet Companion' Ladies' Raygun posted by @theskypirate -- I just love the steampunk aesthetic. You can kind of see how it's put together, though it doesn't look like there's an actual trigger mechanism.

Bkkeepr lets you track the books you are reading via Twitter using direct messages.

Twitter Peeves -- Yeah, that machine-gun posting thing really sucks. As does the I-deserve-more-than-140-characters string of posts.

Tagged: Things of Interest

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