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Jag hånar dig med mina apbyxor.

See the bears in the bear cave at Lycksele zoo

Taggar: nyheter

Klick för streama bilder om björnarna: Följ björnarna i idet på Lycksele djurpark

Texten på engelska:

The female Athena was born January 1st, 1997 at Orsa bear park. She went into hibernation at the end of October. On the 8th of January, she gave birth to her fifth litter of young in the bear cave. Because the animal keepers donät want to disturb the bears in their cave, they won't know how many there are until spring. But they believe that there are at least two young.

The father of the litter is named Gimli and is originally from Finland and is also at the zoo. His mother was run over by a train and he was thus alone when he came from Finland.

djurskötarna animal keepers
kull litter
idet bear cave, bear pit
det rör sig in any case
ursprungligen originally
överkörd run over
således thus
hämtades came

Tagged: Sweden

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