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Jag hånar dig med mina apbyxor.

We don't need no stinkin' themes.

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Elinks. Text based browsing. Awesome. Sorry about all that time you spent on your fancy blog theme, I'm sure it's very nice, but I'll just take the stripped down content, thanks. Also, I was gonna comment but that would have meant opening the captcha in another app. It seemed like a lot of work just to post a droll anecdote. (Anyway, a comment spam filter plugin + moderation of first time posters is the way to go. These captchas are getting harder and harder for my tired old eyes to read.)

Right, this is actually a note to myself about elinks commands.

Elinks command reference

browser navigation

  • g -- opens blank address bar, goes to page (in current window)
  • t -- opens blank address bar, goes to page in a new tab
  • G -- opens url box prefilled with URL of current page
  • T -- opens currently highlighted link in a background tab
  • d -- downloads currently highlighted link
  • c -- closes current tab
  • left arrow -- back to previous page

window navigation

  • < and > -- move between tabs
  • Alt + < and Alt + > -- rearrange tabs

page navigation

  • up arrow -- previous link
  • down arrow -- next link
  • . -- toggles link numbers on and off; when link numbers are on, just begin typing the number to jump to the link
  • / -- search
  • n -- jump to the next occurrence of the current search term
  • ctrl R -- refresh page
  • a -- bookmark page
  • space -- page down
  • page up and page down -- do exactly what you'd expect them to
  • ins and del -- scroll page up and down, respectively, line by line
  • [ and ] -- scroll page left and right
  • home and end -- jump to top and bottom of page, respectively

other commands

  • esc -- access menu bar
  • q -- quit elinks
  • o -- options dialog
  • s -- bookmarks manager
  • h -- history dialog

that thing the kids are all doing these days, the one with the shortcuts in the URL bar

  • elinks has a bunch of built in shortcuts; these are relevant to my interests
    • g -- google; with an argument, searches google; without an argument, goes to google homepage
    • gn -- searches google news
    • e2 -- searches everything2
    • imdb -- search imdb
    • wiki -- search wikipedia (hey, it has its uses--mostly entertainment)
    • arc -- search the wayback machine
    • dpkg -- search debian packages
    • documentation goes to the elinks documentation
    • elinks goes to the elinks homepage
  • url shortcuts can also be customized: o -> protocols -> URI rewriting -- dumb prefixes just go to a page, smart prefixes can take an argument

cutting and pasting

  • to highlight text and store in the buffer, hold down the shift key while selecting text with the mouse
  • to paste, hold down shift key and middle click (on 2 button touchpad, click both buttons simultaneously
  • elinks has no built-in keyboard cut/paste functionality--to c-n-p using only the keyboard, run elinks inside screen (along with other apps like IM, IRC, or Twitter, that you may want to copy and paste from/to the browser)
  • more here


  • adjust document color scheme here: o -> document -> default color settings -- this adjusts default color scheme for web pages
  • set o -> document -> default color settings -> use document-specified colors to 0 to always use default colors (every page looks the same)
  • adjust interface colors: o -> user interface -> color settings -> color terminals
  • elinks automagically uses system variables to determine what kind of terminal it's running in; to adjust the color setting for the current terminal type: esc -> S -> T and select the desired color range (useful when elinks defaults to mono when running in screen)

enable password saving

  • o -> document -> browsing -> forms -> show form history dialog -- set to 1 (disable by setting to 0)

more on using elinks

Deep breath. It's nowhere near as complicated as it seems. And anyway, learning new stuff is good for my brain.

And wouldn't you know... all this, and my internet is mostly out. Fiber break in the south.

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