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This is the blog of a 20-year-old girl living in Finland. I have many thoughts about many things. This is my way of sharing them.

I enjoy writing, movies, music, swimming, taking walks, the company of good friends, thinking about life, designing and making clothes.

List of entries/Lista över inlägg: http://bloggis.se/Paula/69789

A week ago on Thursday my own cat bit me in the leg. I was standing next to it completely still and it just freaked out and bit me hard as hell. Well, it hurt like hell and got infected and I got antibiotics and painkillers. My boyfriend was thaught how to clean and treat the wounds with sorbact. And since then I've not been able to move much because it hurts to walk. So I've been stuck at my computer with my leg up on a pile of pillows. At first it was fine, but now I'm just so bored!

The infection is over but it's still a bit painful to walk. I have no idea how long this will take to heal. The professionals said to eat alot of protein and rest. It's just that I feel abit trapped and stuck.

If anyone has any suggestions about interresting stuff on the internet that I could read/watch/play etc. then I'd love to hear about it!

So if you've read this, please leave me a link to something you think is cool/interesting/funny.

I'd really appreciate it!

Skrivet av Paula, 2010-07-24

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Jag börjar mer och mer förstå hur mycket glädje det är i att hjälpa andra. Jag har länge varit ganska snål med mina pengar, men egentligen är pengar bara en otrevlig mellanhand i umgänget mellan människor. Vi skulle inte egentligen behöva pengar om vi alla skulle hjälpa varandra.

Tänk på saken. Om de som odlar mat skulle dela med sig, de som har hus skulle dela med sig och så vidare så skulle ingen behöva pengar. Allt som behövs är att vi alla skulle hjälpa varandra och dela med sig.

Idag köpte jag skor åt en som hade sina skor helt sönderslitna och inga pengar att köpa nya. Jag har också glädjen att hjälpa med att mata min klasskompis katt medan hon är borta under veckoslutet. Jag säger inte detta för att verka som nåt helgon utan för att jag vill säga att faktumet att jag hjälpt till får mig att må väldigt bra. Om du inte kommer på nån annan orsak att hjälpa andra så där har du en.

Nån kanske säger att det finns folk som drar nytta av andras...

Skrivet av Paula, 2010-06-04

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If you love documentary films, you will love www.topdocumentaryfilms.com

It is a site that has collected links to almost 1000 documentaries about various themes.

A really good site, I recomend it!

Best place to find documentary films online!

I really enjoy the Conspiracy category.

Not that I believe it all, but I think it's good to question things. And some of these documentaries actually make sense.

I really like the environment category and the nature category as well.

If you like documentaries, check it out!


Skrivet av Paula, 2010-02-18

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I remembered today that I have this blog! I think I might write some new stuff here in the near future.

OR, I might get a new one. I have so much old stuff here...

Anyway I think it's fun how much views my old blog entries have gotten.

I'm currently still in love and also studying visual arts.

You'll hear more from me about different stuff soon.


Skrivet av Paula, 2010-02-18

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There are many times in a humans life when you have to decide what to do next. We all make small choises like this everyday. We choose to do things, or choose to leave them undone. But sometimes these choises are bigger. Some choises affect our life for many years forward. With this I mean choises regarding our future, like where to live, what kind of people to spend our life with, what to study and what proffession(s) to pursue.

As we are young most things are chosen for us, but as we get older and become "grown-ups" we are often left alone with the major choises in our life that will affect how it all turns out. I think this is mostly a good thing, because everybody should have the right to choose what to do with their own life. But what if you're not sure what you wanna do or afraid to take the steps to get to where you want?

I'm at a crossroad myself at the moment. I'm going to graduate from vocational school as a textile artisan this spring and I'll soon have to choose what to do next. At first, I...

Skrivet av Paula, 2009-01-29

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I've packed many times in my life. I've moved around quite a bit. Already as a child I packed my bag for my weekend visits at my dad's. I like the process of packing. It can be really different situations and amounts of stuff but the idea is the same. Take with you what you need, leave the rest, if you have a place to leave it, or trash it.

Packing for a weekend stay is easy. With experience I've learned what I need. My supplies are; toothbrush, shampoo, balsam, nightgown, underwear, diary, bubblegum, some clothes, a brush, wallet, cellphone, handkerchiefs and so on. At places I visit often like at my dad's and my boyfriend's place I already got many of the things I need, If not all of them. So I don't need to pack that much on those occasions.

Then again, when we are talking about moving with all your things, the packing gets more complicated. I usually start early, many moths before I'm moving if possible, with going through the stuff that has piled up during my stay at the place. I'm actually doing...

Skrivet av Paula, 2009-01-06

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Some of them are good for you, some of them are bad. Some are even worse.

Some save and change your life.

Without relationships, we'd probably get so depressed we'd die.

Relationships can tear you up, or heal you.

They can make you cry, happy tears or sad.

They can make you feel lousy or like the king of the world.

They find you when you least expect it.

A relationship is a active connection between two people.

Relationships change, evolve, hopefully to the better.

Relationships are different in dencity, intensity and length.

A realtionship can start from the smallest smile.

Or end with a stolen car.

Or go on forever, even when there's hard times.

I guess it's up to attitude. How you want to treat others and be treated.

A relationship is what you make of it.

A relationship is an opportunity.

Relationships are what makes us human.

Skrivet av Paula, 2008-10-22

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Fist of all I wanna say I had excellent practical training at Mari's ompelupalvelu in Lovisa. Absolutely fantastic. I got faster at doing things, and I learned a lot of stuff. Hard to put my finger on exactly what but my map of skills is even further drawn up now. At a stuff spot with some sewing project, I might ask myself, "What would Mari do?"

My move to Ekenäs was light, didn't take much with me, just the necessities and some more. Feels odd to be there again. But ok. Time passes mostly fast. At school at least. Much to do. And I've spent much time with Riina who also now has started school in Ekenäs. We've seen alot of movies among other things, talked a lot too. Thumbs up!

The assignments we get at school are pretty lame this period. Make 4 cussions with the colors black, red and white, on a linen background. Boooring, but I'm done, so that's over. We are also making these odd capes for some "gentlemanclub" and I'm thinking cults and conspiracy. :D

The one pretty interresting...

Skrivet av Paula, 2008-10-16

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